Drawing requires very little in the way of materials simply a sheet of paper and a drawing tool, is easy and engaging for all ages and levels of ability, and is usually mess free.

Drawings and sketches are some of the most effective ways to explain anything to anyone. They help people understand a problem and see its solution in a much more efficient way than talking about it or writing it out

Drawing helps children to 

EXPRESS themselves

PROCESS their world

EXPERIMENT with ideas and techniques

MAKE ART anywhere

INTERACT with others


 Weekly once - 1 hour 2 classes.

Course Synopsis :

• Age : 6 yrs and above
• No. of levels : 10
• Duration :
    1st level - 3 months
    2nd level - 3 months
    3rd level - 3 months


1.Improved creativity.
2.Releases hidden talents and more positive emotions.
3.Improved logical thinking and problem solving skills.
4.Improved concentration and peace.
5.Improved memory skills.
6.Helps to improve hand writing.
7.Better mobility.
8.Kids become more observant of the details.



Drawing and Painting