Children have huge potential energy and mind power but most parents do not know how to tap into the depths of these young minds in the right way and thus fail to realize and nurture these young minds to their fullest potential. Usually mathematics is an ever daunting subject for some children. The Abacus is a simple instrument for performing rapid arithmetical calculations.

Using an abacus, a child can do all arithmetic calculations up to 10 digits and master the skill of doing it mentally, without relying on modern devices such as calculators. The usage of abacus fosters one's confidence in calculations, develops the right brain tremendously, leads to greater mental capacity, enables students to perform calculations with amazing speed and accuracy, the finger  techniques stimulate both left and right sides of the brain and improve interaction between the mind and body , helps students to overcome obstacles due the learning process and to tap the vast treasures in the brain of young children.

Course Synopsis:

Course Synopsis: Total number of levels – 10

6 Basic levels comprises of fundamental operations like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.

4 Advanced levels comprises of Negative numbers, Fractions and Percentages, Squares, Square roots, Cube and Cube roots.

1 level = 3 months

Advanced levels = 4 months
Course Duration: Weekly once 2 hours each.



3 to 4 years (Play Abacus)

5 to 8 years (Elementary)

9 to 12 years (Regular)